Heather Arnold

Heather began her professional career in marketing and project management before moving into escrow. She brings a very high level of organization and efficiency to her escrow transactions and aims to always be one step ahead of any potential problems so that they can be addressed quickly. If you can’t get ahold of Heather, she may be on the beach watching a sunset, drink in hand and toes in the sand. Having raised two amazing sons, she learned early in life to be super organized, flexible and approach life and work with straightforward honesty and a smart sense of humor.

Heather’s coworkers and clients appreciate her thorough knowledge–she knows her stuff!–and if you are lucky she may impart some of her wisdom on you as well. Either way, you will walk away with a new understanding of our escrow services or about yourself. PS: She lives in flip-flops all year long and keeps it Breezy!