Making a difference through our local charities and non-profits.

Our efforts are focused on local causes: Casa Hogar and Los Cabos Children’s Foundation.

Investing in real estate in Mexico is an extremely rewarding decision. There is a great deal of joy connecting with the local people and becoming a part of the community. While the Baja is privileged by natural beauty and luxurious resort–living there is a great deal of opportunity to make a difference in the lives of locals. We encourage you to explore the work of the many fantastic local charities, starting with our favorites, Casa Hogar de Cabo San Lucas and Los Cabos Children’s Foundation.


We’re committed to our Los Cabos community

It’s important to us to be connected to the areas in which we work. We’re heavily involved in local charities that support children and families in Cabo San Lucas and beyond.

Casa Hogar provides safe and loving housing for children in need. With our ongoing support and other generous donors, the facility is able to offer education, nutrition, mentorship and activities to guide kids to healthy futures.

The Los Cabos Children’s Foundation works to address physical, social, and mental needs to treat and support children across all of Baja California Sur. They also train local doctors and partner with research facilities to further research for vital cures.

If you are interested in helping your new community thrive, learn more about supporting the charities below:

Casa Hogar | Los Cabos Children