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Having a reliable escrow company you can trust matters.

Our escrow services include special defense against cybersecurity and fraud, and comprehensive insurance against any breach or leak, so you can trust that you’re protected throughout your transaction.

Your financial security is important to us. When conducting international real estate transactions with multiple parties— buyers, sellers, brokers, realtors, and attorneys — an independent third party is helpful to coordinate the transaction and make sure funds are securely held until the terms of the escrow agreement are met.

Our escrow process is secure and efficient

Detailed instructions for the receipt, holding, and disbursement of the funds ensures that the transaction is completed to the satisfaction of all the parties involved. We leave nothing to chance.


Receive escrow funds.

To open your escrow account, Global Escrow Solutions must receive—from buyer(s) and seller(s)—the fully executed escrow agreement and buyer(s) initial deposit.  Always confirm our wire instructions before sending funds. Our wire instructions never change.


Hold the escrow funds.

We hold your escrowed funds until the sale is complete.  Global Escrow Solutions uses the latest fraud protection and prevention tools available in the market. We have strategically partnered with Bank of America, a leader in global financial security, in holding your escrowed fund(s).  Learn more about Bank of America’s cybersecurity initiatives. Additionally, your escrowed funds are fully bonded and insured.


Disburse escrowed funds.

Upon receipt of disbursement instructions—fully executed by buyer(s) and seller(s)—and other required documents, Global Escrow Solutions faithfully and securely transfers those funds as depicted on the disbursement instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to help make the process easier and safer for all parties involved. Don’t see your question here? Reach out to our team.

  • What is escrow?

    In simple terms, escrow is the service of holding a large amount of money while the terms of a transaction are met.

    For smaller transactions, you may feel comfortable with a wire transfer or cashier’s check, but when it comes to buying your dream home, especially internationally, you need to trust that the money will be transferred securely and that you’ll receive what you pay for.

    That’s where Global Escrow Solutions comes in. We collect, hold, and distribute funds from our independent and legally-secure account to make sure both the buyers’ and sellers’ interests are fairly represented for a smooth, worry-free transaction.

    The Escrow Agreement is between the Buyer, Seller and Global Escrow Solutions. Once signed by the Buyer and Seller and submitted to GES. GES will then review and sign.

  • How do you protect my investment?

    Your trust is important to us. Here are a few of the ways in which we help protect your investment:

    • Evaluate and confirm identities of the parties involved
    • Hold the funds in a secure, independent account that’s protected by Texas laws
    • Provide secure instructions for the collection and disbursement of funds
    • Facilitate the closing process between the buying and selling parties to ensure a smooth transaction.

  • Can I access my escrow account?

    Once the funds have been transferred into the secure escrow account, they will not be accessible to you or the seller until the transaction is complete or canceled. This is to protect both parties’ interests in the sale and help ensure a seamless process.

    If you have questions about the status or security of your account, feel free to contact our team at any time.

  • How do you disburse funds?

    Funds are not dispersed until we receive the GES disbursement instructions, signed by buyer and seller, along with the notarized document of deed transfer. If all documents are received by 1pm cst, wires will be sent the same day. After 1pm cst we cannot guarantee same-day funding.
  • How are terminations handled?

    If a termination is initiated during the option period (defined by purchase agreement), wired funds can be returned to the bank it originated from. After the option period has expired, if funds need to be returned, please submit GES disbursement instructions.
  • How does the Wire Transfer process work?

    • We only accept wire transfers. We do not accept ACH or Checks.
    • Always call our office to confirm wiring instructions.
    • Wires must reference the buyer’s name.
    • Since we are not part of the purchase agreement, we do not have knowledge of the amount being sent.
    • We are able to send a wire in MXN pesos and we do have an MXN pesos account.
    • Wires to and from brokerage accounts and non-US countries can take up to 2- to 3 days to arrive.

  • Do you offer title services?

    At this time we do not offer title services. We refer to our trusted partners at Fidelity National Title Company for this part of the process.
  • How can I verify that the wiring account information is correct?

    Our process includes many checks and failsafes to protect your identity and your account. We ask that you verify the account number listed in the wiring instructions before transferring.

    In order to reduce the risk of fraud, we strongly recommend you call our office to verify our wiring instructions

  • What if my question is not on this list?

    We are an Independent 3rd party and cannot provide legal counsel/advice. If you are seeking general information, visit our contact page.

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