What is the GES Global Escrow Management Software?

Escrow transactions can be complicated—especially when they are international or involve a lengthy schedule of deposits. Add in the risk of fraud, and it becomes more difficult than ever. Here at GES, we wanted to make escrow management easy and secure with our all new Escrow Management Software (or GEMS, for short).

GEMS is specifically designed for closing agents & professionals as an all- in-one software solution.

Gain total peace of mind with your escrow agreements all in one place!

With GEMS, you can:

  • Upload your own purchase and sales agreements and sign future agreements with UETA/ESIGN compliant signatures.
  • Manage multiple escrow agreements and disbursement instructions from one dashboard, monitoring each agreement’s stage from a convenient online portal.
  • Allow buyers and sellers to enter their own contact information, streamlining the data entry process.
  • Avoid fraud with encrypted information only accessible by those intended to receive it. SSL and AES 256 bit encryption keeps your data safe.

Ready to get started with the new GEMS?

Global Escrow’s new GEMS software is slated to launch late 2024. Get updates when we launch the software by signing up at the form below. We’ll notify you when the software is out and offer training to help you learn are software and step into the future of escrow.

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GEMS Sign Up

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